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  1. Saul heartbreak theory
  2. Do we know...?
  3. Season Three finale
  4. How many listeners are there of WA?
  5. Zombie braaaaaaaaiiiins... What's going on that skull of theirs.
  6. Unanswered Questions: Update and answers-
  7. I think I have it guys; A good "Zombie" Plague origin theory.
  8. When does season 4 start
  9. Kimmett was wrong, then he was right.
  10. The Aftermath of Civil War
  11. Camp Pendleton
  12. What are teleological ethical theories?
  13. Slendy/Inky relationship?
  14. Generator Maintenance Procedure List
  15. Number on the door
  16. Fort Irwin Explosion & The Pelican
  17. Arena/Hospital Theory - the re-visit *Potential Spoilers*
  18. Who Dies?
  19. Can someone point me towards the episode that introduced the "little ones"?
  20. SPOILER. Helicopters role in new season?
  21. Sean and his death.
  22. Big tank small tank.
  23. CJ's close call
  24. The real reason Kimmet did what Kimmet did at Ft. Irwin.
  25. Episode Title Anaylisis.
  26. When did Michael start his Journal-
  27. CJ... What was your occupation?
  28. Bill "Ink" Roberts theory (not what you think)
  29. Just a thought.
  30. Glen is going to betray the survivors in a Huge way, before this is over.
  31. Prediction: Hope Dies and....
  32. A cure.
  33. Will Scratch join Michael
  34. Copyright infringement?
  35. Is Lizzy's baby really saul's
  36. CJ and Saul... did anything reeeally happen between them?
  37. Datu is immune, possibly Hope too
  38. Raydon Labs
  39. Crows and antibiotic-resistant bacteria?
  40. The beginning
  41. over looked fuel
  42. CJ is playing Pegs
  43. Dead
  44. "Ink" is not bad.... Please don't hate
  45. How does the timing of William ---> Ink work out?
  46. Reserve mobilization: Posse Comitatus, the Insurrection Act and Title 10...
  47. heres one for you all.
  48. Randy, Inklings and Inklettes
  49. heres one for you folks
  50. The baby theory
  51. Zombie communication
  52. possible WA connection to the Bible, other interesting things
  53. Just an Observation
  54. skittles
  55. ok here is something to think about.
  56. How fast or slow people turn?
  57. SCRATCH, LIZZIE and THE BABY......
  58. Did CJ sabotage it??
  59. Lockdown Theory, Is Simeon going to be a bad guy?
  60. Would another Ink scenario ever be possible?
  61. Lockdown Timeline, I am confused
  62. How did ink know to get the markings ??
  63. How the outbreak started...
  64. Goldrush Zombies
  65. Zombies And evolving
  66. Zombie thread
  67. Kimmett was wrong, then he was right?
  68. Lockdown Jeremy theory
  69. lasik
  70. Did Angel sell out the others to the Mallers?