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  1. What are you listening to?
  2. Musical preferences
  3. Dubstep!
  4. Circa Survive / Anthony Green
  5. Top 10 Albums
  6. The White Stripes.
  7. Straight No Chaser
  8. Worst Zombie Video Ever
  9. The Musical Recommendation Game
  10. Angel appreciation songs for Ra1th
  11. Jonathan Coulton's "Re: Your Brains" Video slightly NSFW
  12. does a shaken banana make a sound
  13. Tron Legacy: Reconfigured OST
  14. Rob Zombie in Kansas City - July 16th
  15. Find an old playlist
  16. Favourite band/singer/musician?
  17. Motivated Music
  18. Nightcore - Electronic Music
  19. songs that get stuck in your head
  20. Who else here plays a musical instrument?
  21. The Zombie Apocalypse Playlist
  22. "Weird Al" Yankovic parody of Born This Way by Lady Gaga
  23. Zombies are arising rip off of Bad moon rising by CCR
  24. Favorite DJ's?
  25. Like music? Wanna listen to pretty much everything?
  26. the zed head album
  27. Best Type Of Heavy Metal?
  28. something to listen to.
  29. journey (because i was humming this last night for no reason)
  30. that's right, pirate metal
  31. skyrim playlist
  32. My Bloody Valentine
  33. New music to try
  34. "I Am Music, You Cannot Play Me Though" The Music Lovers/Enthusiasts Thread!
  35. Zombie twist
  36. be on the look out
  37. Favourite Albums of the Last Year?
  38. Metric - Synthetica
  39. Lizzy's Radio
  40. New Blur single
  41. We're Alive theme song
  42. Happy Thanksgivinkkah
  43. Mashups?
  44. AC DC "Thunderstruck" - the classic version with 2 cellos
  45. WA Convoy Playlist